Causes Of Bed Bugs & Protection

Do you ever think what are the main causes of bed bugs and how you can prevent your home or office from infestations ?Once thought to be a problem of the past, bed bugs have made a somewhat stellar return, making regular headlines, as they go about infesting our homes, hotels, dormitories, and resting areas worldwide. As the epidemic spreads and more and more people are being bitten and has turn into a major concern, everyone is worried about them and they just want to know exactly what it is that causes bed bugs in the first place.

Bed Bug Infestation TreatmentAs though it looks like bed bug infestations are on the rise, it is important to consider all the historical context. Like other bloodsucking pests, bed bugs have been intimately related to humans, practically since the beginning of time, one may say they have walked this earth together for a long, long time.

Throughout human history, entire civilizations have had to endure insects feeding off of their blood. Back in the 50s bed bugs practically disappear thanks to the use of DDT to keep insects out of our homes. In reality, however, headlines may suggest bed bugs are now conquering the World, but, historically speaking, they’ve been lacking the numbers to do so, or something other than a nasty bite.

Unlike what we may hear from the closest to us, there is no correlation between the bed bugs and a filthy environment. That is because bed bugs feed on both human blood and animal blood. So, as long as there is a source of food available to them nearby, they will happily stay permanently in even the most of cleanest house, so, you may be Sheldon Cooper clean, but you are still going to be a victim of bed bugs, so get it out of your head right now, dirt is not one causes for bed bugs.

In a similar fashion, bed bugs don’t take into account bank statements when they are plotting their next invasion, you will find them in the poorest of homes as well as in the greatest of mansions. Another thing you need to get out of your head right off the bat is that poverty is not a reason for bed bugs to appear. Of course, because of impoverished communities not being able to access the resources necessary to control a bed bug infestation, makes them unavailable to fix the problem.

Bed bugs are very good at hitchhiking, they can travel all over the World without any passport needed. That being said, in order to suffer from a bed bug infestation in your home, they have to come from somewhere, someone or something. Bed bugs won’t normally stay on you after they feed, they will hide on clothing and will, inadvertently to you, travel on you, catching a ride to their next location. One of the main causes of bed bugs is they travel in your luggage after you stayed in an infested place, hotel room or otherwise.

Bed bugs also infest public places, such as theaters, and other public spaces, all the while spreading to new locations on board of purses, backpacks or coats.

As we have previously stated, bed bugs are awesome hitchhikers, which means that places with high rates of human traffic (not the illegal kind, though) are more commonly infected like the apartment building where we live, the dormitories where we sleep, homeless shelters, hotels, motels, military barracks, etc. Not to frighten you, but every time you have people over for a dinner party, or birthday gathering, there is an increase in risking bed bug infestation in your home. As a general rule, homeowners of single family units tend to have a lower risk of being infested.

Once they have invaded the sanctity of your home, bed bugs can spread out quickly to new hiding places, like, baseboards, under wallpapers, inside the switch plates, or in your furniture. After that, it is really just a matter of time before they start multiplying. A single female can produce hundreds more of them. And, as we now, dirt may not benefit bed bugs in any way, but clutter does, so, the more cluttered your home is, the more hiding places have been provided for bed bugs to hide, and that will make it harder to get rid of them.

Now, they are in your home, what to do? Well, experts say the cost of effectively getting rid of a bed bug infestation is of approximately $1200, and that is a lot of money, however, if you know the causes of bed bugs and detect the problem early on then it may not come to that, it could even end up being free.

causes of bed bugs

Whether you are staying in your bedroom, a friend’s or relative’s guest room or a hotel room, you have to conduct a search, believe me, it is better to do this and prevent a large-scale invasion. Check the mattress, the box springs, and the visible parts of the headboard.

All of this is meant, to avoid bringing them home with you, and infesting your home. If you are coming from a trip, and you stayed in hotels, you may want to pack your suitcase outside your home. Grab the clothes and put them through a hot wash and a dry cycle.

Searching your home at least once a week is another way to prevent them, should you find indications of bed bugs, use boiling water, and a lot of soap, to keep your home free from bed bugs.

Now, if after thorough inspections, and extensive cleaning you still believe to have fallen victim of a bed bug invasion, then it is time to call an expert. Many people out there like to call themselves professional bed bug killers, so you may want to do some research on them, to corroborate the title, or you will most likely fall victim of a fraud.

Attempting to solve the problem on your own with off the counter pesticide will make the problem worse. However, while you are waiting for the expert to arrive, you can use a steamer, on your bed or couch. Vacuum the mattress, the carpet, or any other furniture. These are all very effective ways to prevent an infestation.

Buying and installing encasement for your bed and box springs is another great way to prevent and/or minimize the risk of infection.

By following the above suggestions you can minimize the causes of bed bugs and easily protect your home, office , hotel or guest house from being infested with bed bugs.

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