Bed Bug Signs And Symptoms

If you looking for information about bed bug signs and symptoms, you are in the right place.Don’t let the bed bugs bite, many of us have gotten to sleep hearing this phrase, a jewel from the English language. But in reality, they are some of the peskiest little pests out there. They will sneak onto your bed, furniture, and your carpet (to say the least, you can find them even in your car seat), while you are sleeping or watching TV, and bite you, leaving you wondering the next morning why you are red and itchy.

Bed-bug-signs-symptomsBed bugs are small, flat and oval-shaped insects. As they don’t have wings, they rely on humans or animals to carry them from one place to another. Bed bugs have a reddish-brown color, and they are up to 1 and 7 millimeters. They feed off humans and animals, although they prefer humans, they are most active during night time, biting you while you sleep, but they are not limited by that, they can bite during daytime as well.

There are people who won’t experience a reaction to a Bedbug bite. But, for those of us that do experience it, will feel and see these:

  • A red and swollen area, with a dark red center, that’s the bite.
  • Bites forming a line or grouping together in a small area.
  • Blisters and hives at the bitten place.

These bites can be found anywhere in our bodies, but they are more commonly found in those parts that are exposed while we sleep, like the face, arms, legs, and hands.

A bedbug bite won’t always appear immediately after you are bitten. Sometimes it’ll take them a few days to begin causing symptoms. Another thing worth keeping in mind is that bedbugs won’t come out every single night to feed, they can go several days without feeding. It may take you weeks to notice that your bites are actually part of a much larger pattern.

Bedbug’s bites are normally very itchy, although that is not always the case. You may or may not experience a burning sensation on the skin several days after you have been bitten. You won’t feel the actual bugs biting you, as they excrete a small amount of anesthesia into your body, before the feed.

Bed Bugs Signs SymptomsScratching the bite will only incur a secondary infection that can lead to swelling and bleeding.

You can sometimes mistakenly believe that another bug bite is coming from a bedbug, so unless you are 100% sure that you have an actual infestation or have slept on an infected bed, then you probably may not want to consider the bed bugs as the culprits of those mysterious bites.

If you are part of the population that has a negative reaction to bugs bite, then they’ll start to feel slightly swollen with an irritatingly itchy red center, resembling a flea or mosquito bite in their early stages, Bedbugs, however, tend to appear in small groupings and/or a straight line. Mosquito bites tend to be sporadic, while flea bites are very small and are typically located in your legs and/or ankles.

It is no secret that in recent years bedbugs have made a comeback to our lives, we all have read the news, see the documentaries, and all that. These pesky little bloodsuckers can be the cause of major problems to anyone that comes in contact with them, as a matter of fact, they are considered to be a national epidemic in many countries. And as mentioned above, we all have seen the news in which even some of the most renowned hotels have had a bedbug infestation.

Studies have shown that there at least thirty disease pathogens found in these bugs, but thankfully none of them have been transmitted to a human through a bite. Experts agree that is highly unlikely that they transmit diseases. The only true medical concern is the itching and swelling, caused by the bites.

Other studies have reported that they are known to spread disease organisms infesting our blood having a terrible effect on the nervous and digestive system. The children that have been exposed to a bed bug infestation have a tendency to turn out more listless and pale.


Now, let’s be more practical about it, now that we have reached this part, lest breaking down everything from above into the most common Bed bug signs and symptoms.

Red Itchy Bed Bugs Bites

Most of us don’t often think of bed bugs until we’ve been marked by them. The marks appeared as flatted red welts mostly in zigzag lines, but they also may come up on small groups, these are key evidence of bed bugs in humans. While they are not considered to spread any disease to humans, they have a bite that can be irritating and scratch it can make matters worse leading to bleeding and infections.

Uncomfortable Nights

As its titular name, they can be mostly found in beds, which is the place us humans spend most of our nights. Which the reason they are mostly, but not limited to, active during the nights, while we lay in bed next to them. If you start experiencing those itchy welts, in bed sleeping, then it is likely bed bugs are the problem.

Bed Bug Bites On Arm & Shoulder

They tend to feed on exposed skin, like your arms, face, shoulders, or any other place you leave uncovered while you sleep, unlike fleas and chiggers which tend to bite you in your ankles.

A Bug Infested Bed

Once again, the titular name played a role here. The bed is the first place you have to check should you be facing an invasion. After the bed bugs are done feeding off of you, they leave behind blood stains.

The Nose Has It

Another common bed bug signs is a rather strong and unpleasant, smell that resembles that of a wet towel. The reason for this smell is that Bed Bugs release high amounts of pheromones to the environment they inhabit, should you find your bedroom smelling like a footlocker you must conduct a thorough visual search. But, bear in mind that bed bugs aren’t exactly confined to your bed or even your house.

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