Bed Bug Inspection Tips

Bed Bug InspectionWe will be discussing some of the best ways for bed bug inspection and prevention.Bed Bugs are those nasty and pesky little critters that have been haunting our dreams ever since the first time we saw a high-res pic of them under a microscope. They are often found in, as their name suggests close to beds and other cushy furniture.

They are attracted to and feed on warm-blooded animals in order to survive, these animals can be either humans or our animal kingdom friends. However, little is known about why these bugs prefer humans.

In order to feed off of us, they set up shop in close proximity to areas in which humans spend a lot of time (like beds), they could also be Box Springs, headboards, bed framings, and any other furniture or fixture close to the bed.

Another gruesome fact is that bed bugs are not limited to the bedroom since they preferred to feed off humans, they will look to settle in any place us, humans will remain inactive long enough for them to eat, meaning that it doesn’t necessarily have to be bedtime, they tend to feed opportunistically even during daytime.

Amongst the other places, you’ll find yourself being devoured by this creatures is the movie theater, that’s right, while you’re sitting, eating your popcorn, drinking your favorite beverage and watching the latest Marvel movie, bed bugs are having the feeding of their lifetime, all thanks to you.

But, let’s say that you are not a moviegoer kind of person, instead, you prefer the comfort of your home and some “Netflix and chill” well, let me tell you that while you are chilling, watching and eating on your favorite recliner, chair or couch, you are being eaten alive by this pesky critters.

A long commute to work on a bus, cab, or even your own car, you get the gist, no need to continue the torture.

There is only one way to know if we have bed bugs, and that is to actually produce a sample of the bug. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun and qualified any bug bite as a bed bug bite.

Another relevant point is that medical professionals are not capable of giving a positive diagnosis just by examining the bite symptoms. They will only be able to offer a possible explanation as to what may be occurring with the bite and or symptom.

red-bed-bug-signsNow, if you are experiencing bites, but you haven’t seen any bugs, then you should really examine the circumstances in which the bites have occurred. A good example of bed bugs bite is that if you are waking up every morning with bite symptoms on your body that were not there by the time you went to sleep. This is a proper situation in which you should really investigate the idea of having bed bugs, possibly in your car, work, home, etc. Keep in mind is that even after a thorough search may come back negative, it does not mean that bed bugs are not there. These pesky creatures have a very cryptic and mysterious lifestyle we know little about, therefore making them unpredictable and may go undetected, for this reason, it may be better to hire the help of professionals for bed bug inspection.

There are times in which you will see somewhat “evidence” of a bed bug invasion, but not really seeing any of the bed bugs in the flesh, the reason for this is that they covered in fecal stains the areas they have invaded. These stains are just blood that has been slightly digested, which won’t turned completely red unless you crushed one that recently had a full meal. While the blood is being digested it begins to turn black, and that is the reason why we see several black spots in one area. You can’t remove these fecal steins either rubbing them off or by wiping them with a wet rag.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the only reason to know without a doubt that you have an actual bed bug infestation is to produce a live sample, and there are many ways in which you can accomplish this.

Visual Bed Bug Inspection Of Sleeping And Resting Areas, Like Beds, And Furniture

You can begin by carefully examining the areas beneath the sheets, the edges of the mattress, thoroughly inspect the box spring’s four corners, under the corner guards, and the underside of the box spring. Bear in mind that bed bugs will be easily missed during a visual inspection, that’s why the methods mentioned below, are slightly better, and more recommended if your visual scan fails.

Installation Of Interception Devices And Active Monitors For Bed Bug Inspection

Another great method to help you check for bed bugs is the installation of interception devices under the legs of the bed, couch, recliner, etc. This is one of the most effective and cheap methods to check for bed bugs, especially if you missed them during the visual inspection. These interception devices can be placed directly under, or in close proximity to the legs of beds and/or resting areas. Obviously, bed bugs are going to be moving around in an infested area and these devices will catch them as they are traveling back and forth from beds to furniture. You can leave these devices for two to four weeks and inspect them once every few days. Several studies have proven that this method is one of the most effective and efficient one to check for bed bugs.


Active Monitors used attractants like CO2 or chemical lures to detect the presence of bed bugs. These monitors are even more effective and efficient than the interception devices, but they are considerably costly.

Installation Of Encasement For Mattresses And Box Springs

They may be another great option to help you check and fight a bed bug invasion, but they are also expensive. Encasement help you on the early detection of bed bugs, but they also provide protection to the bed and provide bed bug management for the future. They work is that they restrict the invasion to the outside where they can be easily checked through a visual bed bug inspection.

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