Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs Infestation Inforgraphics

Bed bugs are more common and a growing concern nowadays and due to their growth ratio it is very difficult to exterminate them completely. University hostels and residences are on the hit list of bed bugs and any public place can be a paradise for bed bugs. There are few steps and precautions, if you follow them properly you can protect your living place from bed bugs infestation. You can find detailed steps you can take to prevent your home or hostel residence from bed bugs infestation. Do share this info graphics with your loved one’s to keep them safe as well.

Always check your furniture and bed surroundings to inspect if you have any symptoms or signs of bed bugs infestation. if you see red spots,yellow skins, egg casings, reddish small bugs its signal for your that you are infected with bed bugs. if you find eggs and other signs, then its time for you to proceed with bed bugs prevention treatments. Vacuum whole area and use essential oils as describe in the info graphics below. Notify the home owner or university staff if you suspect you are infested with bed bugs so that proper action can be taken in time to control further infestations.

Red Bed Bugs Prevention Tips Infographic


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